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Remarks by various British media representatives at a press screening of “Great Expectations” held in London August 23, 2012

September 26, 2012

  • Maureen Paton of The Daily Telegraph newspaper:  “Immensely moving … and very sharply scripted to capture the essence of the book.  Characterization superb as well – at last an Estella to feel sorry for!”
  • Deborah Orr of The Guardian newspaper:  “Loved it!”
  • Jane Collins of Bella magazine:  “Thought the film was great – classy, visually gorgeous, and brilliant cast.”
  • Lucy Pavia of In Style magazine:  “Beautifully done and very faithful to the book – also, Holliday Grainger was excellent, a brilliantly icy Estella.”
  • Kate Taylor of Now magazine:  “A stunning version.  It really brought the story alive and was epic to look at.”
  • Wendy Rigg of Reveal magazine:  “Beautifully filmed and gripping.  Brilliant performances.”
  • John Preston of the Sunday Telegraph Seven (weekly supplement):  “I thought it was terrific.”
  • Sarah Baxter of The Sunday Times Magazine, “We loved it!”