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  1. New trailer for highly anticipated remake of Charles Dickens’ classic ‘Great Expectations’

    September 26, 2012

    The Daily Mail Online has the exclusive video trailer for Mike Newell’s new film ‘Great Expecations’ posted online. You can watch the trailer and view many stills from the film on their website. Read the full article at the Daily Mail.

  2. Great Expectations: Toronto Review

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Vivid characterizations from Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter are the highlights of Mike Newell’s traditional retelling of the classic Dickens novel.” Author David Rooney has more good things to say about the film over at the Hollywood Reporter’s website. Read the full review online.

  3. ‘Great Expecations’ review – Screen Daily

    Screen Daily posted a review of ‘Great Expectations’. Film critic Mark Adams said, “This version of Great Expectations is intelligently directed, beautifully shot and admirably performed.” Read the full review over at Screen Daily.

  4. Director Q&A: Mike Newell

    The Hollywood Reporter did a Director Q&A with ‘Great Expectations’ director Mike Newell recently. Read the Q&A online (PDF).

  5. North American rights to ‘Great Expectations’ acquired by Outsource Media Group

    New funding enterprise Outsource Media Group acquired the North American rights to the Mike Newell-directed film ‘Great Expectations’ at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Outsource Media Group will make a deal with distributors for North America, and the financier will put up P&A for theatrical releases through a fund it intends to use to build an acquisition slate of finished films and pre-buys. Read the full article on this new development at

  6. TIFF 2012: Jeremy Irvine’s great expectations

    The Toronto Star posted a short interview with Jeremy Irvine, who plays “Pip” in the new movie “Great Expectations.” In it, Jeremy talks about his experiences as a young actor, and how he relates to his character in the new film. Read the full interview.

  7. Remarks by various British media representatives at a press screening of “Great Expectations” held in London August 23, 2012

    • Maureen Paton of The Daily Telegraph newspaper:  “Immensely moving … and very sharply scripted to capture the essence of the book.  Characterization superb as well – at last an Estella to feel sorry for!”
    • Deborah Orr of The Guardian newspaper:  “Loved it!”
    • Jane Collins of Bella magazine:  “Thought the film was great – classy, visually gorgeous, and brilliant cast.”
    • Lucy Pavia of In Style magazine:  “Beautifully done and very faithful to the book – also, Holliday Grainger was excellent, a brilliantly icy Estella.”
    • Kate Taylor of Now magazine:  “A stunning version.  It really brought the story alive and was epic to look at.”
    • Wendy Rigg of Reveal magazine:  “Beautifully filmed and gripping.  Brilliant performances.”
    • John Preston of the Sunday Telegraph Seven (weekly supplement):  “I thought it was terrific.”
    • Sarah Baxter of The Sunday Times Magazine, “We loved it!”