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  1. ‘Grace is Gone’ Reviews

    December 20, 2007

    Los Angeles Times [Kevin Crust]
    “In a year that has seen wave after wave of films addressing the war in Iraq with varying degrees of anger and frustration, Grace serves as a gently thoughtful coda and reminder of what continues.”
    “It’s a deeply affecting drama that never resorts to manipulation in achieving its aims. Instead, it relies on the strong script…as well as a trio of fantastic performances… The role is a complete departure for [John Cusack], and the change is a welcome one that should win him both critical praise and awards. The film’s tone is sweet and sad, though never overwhelmingly so, and it’s helped by excellent cinematography from Jean-Louis Bompoint and a quietly moving score from Clint Eastwood.”

    San Francisco Chronicle [Mick LaSalle]
    “Someday, the war will be over, and this film will be a respectable cultural artifact, a movie that tried to tell a sad story without taking political sides.”

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer [William Arnold]
    “It makes its points and is more cultural evidence of just how harshly history is likely to judge our ill-fated adventure in the Middle East.”

    Cinematical [James Rocchi]
    “The film is as affecting — and as ultimately human — as one might hope, and it still brings home the ugly real fact that for too many Americans, the evening news isn’t just background noise.” [Chris Barsanti]
    “There’s an undeniable integrity here…with the powerfully sympathetic Cusack leading a clutch of standout performances through an honest and fair appreciation of death and the gaping holes of its aftermath.”

    The Onion AV Club
    “Grace Is Gone attempts to address grief frankly, gently, and without didacticism, and it largely succeeds.”

    Maxim [Pete Hammond]
    “Incredibly, John Cusack has never been nominated for an Academy Award, but this movie may change that. He’s simply terrific in a fine and moving film.”

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