About Hart Lunsford

Founded by Louisvillians Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford, both accomplished businessmen and each recipients of Louisville’s "Entrepreneur of the Year" award (Hart in 1995 and Lunsford in 1988), Hart/Lunsford Pictures (HLP) has been producing independent films since 2004. In partnership with production companies in New York and Los Angeles, Hart/Lunsford Pictures can boast that its last ten feature films have made their debut at such prestigious venues as the Sundance Film Festival (4 films), the Toronto International Film Festival (3 films), and NewYork’s Tribeca Film Festival (3 films). In addition, HLP’s films have garnered a number of awards, among them the Audience Award at Sundance, as well as the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at Sundance (both for “Grace is Gone,” 2007), the International Critics Prize at the Festival of American Cinema in Deauville, France (“Grace is Gone,” September, 2007), the Jury Award at Chicago’s Gen Art Film Festival (“Bart Got a Room,” June, 2008), Best Feature Film at the Asheville Film Festival (“Bart Got a Room,” November, 2008), the HBO Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Provincetown International Film Festival (“Dirty Girl,” June, 2011), and the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Fresno Reel Pride Festival (“Dirty Girl,” September, 2011).

HLP focuses on character-driven films, with budgets ranging between $3 and $5 million. Among the talent to appear in HLP’s movies are (in alphabetical order): Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Helena Bonham Carter, Billy Crudup, John Cusack, Claire Danes, Zac Efron, Ralph Fiennes, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jeremy Irvine, Milla Jovovich, Frank Langella, Lucy Liu, William H. Macy, Virginia Madsen, Tim McGraw, Michelle Monaghan, Mandy Moore, Matthew Perry, Mary Steenburgen, Hilary Swank, Juno Temple, Dwight Yoakam, Dianne Wiest, and Tom Wilkinson. (For more details, click here.)

HLP funds projects at various stages in their evolution. The company has provided funds for development (but only for projects with a completed screenplay, director, and lead talent attachments), production, and self-distribution P&A.

When considering projects, HLP naturally weighs their potential for commercial success, but also gives equal weight to compelling storylines involving important social themes and/or meaningful character development.

Hart/Lunsford Films

Film Title Release Date Actors
Great Expectations TBD Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Jeremy Irvine, Holliday Grainger
Dirty Girl October 7, 2011 Juno Temple, Milla Jovovich, William H. Macy, Tim McGraw, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, and introducing Jeremy Dozier
Me and Orson Welles November 25, 2009 Zac Efron, Claire Danes, Christian McKay
Bart Got a Room April 3, 2009 William H. Macy, Cheryl Hines, Alia Shawkat, and introducing Steven Kaplan
Birds of America October 21, 2008 Matthew Perry, Ben Foster, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lauren Graham, Hilary Swank
Diminished Capacity July 4, 2008 Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, Virginia Madsen
Trucker October 9, 2009 Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Jimmy Bennett
Watching the Detectives August 12, 2008 Cillian Murphy, Lucy Liu
Grace is Gone December 7, 2007 John Cusack
Dedication August 24, 2007 Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Bob Balaban, Dianne Wiest
How You Look to Me July 3, 2007 Frank Langella, Laura Allen